Inclusive adult learning environments essay

Not everyone is excited about bringing students with disabilities into the mainstream classroom setting. Tornillopresident of the Florida Education Association United, is concerned that inclusion, as it all too frequently is being implemented, leaves classroom teachers without the resources, training, and other supports necessary to teach students with disabilities in their classrooms.

Inclusive adult learning environments essay

Inclusive learning and adult education Introduction It is stated in the National Curriculum that inclusion is a matter which needs to be taken seriously by teachers, since it is their major obligation to ensure that every person in a school or college is given equal opportunities and equal rights as others to learn.

Each school has the responsibility to provide a curriculum which meets the specific needs of individuals and groups of students Mittler, Brownlee and Carrington state that the schools need to provide a curriculum which is challenging to every student.

Some teachers may fall into the fallacy that adult learners do not differentiate much from one another, but inclusion asks that each person is treated as an individual and help as best as possible to achieve his goals.

As was stated above, students tend to have educational differences for various reasons such as their ethnic background or financial status but their personal needs differ as well.

Teachers should never forget that students with physical or mental disabilities need to be treated with care and assisted as best as possible so as to develop themselves mentally and socially.

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What is more, the school has to ensure that special facilities are provided for these students, so that their physical or mental disabilities do not hinder their actions whilst being at school. Moreover, adult learners usually differ in their needs because of employment.

The inclusion educational policy needs to take this factor into account because it sets important differences between the needs of each learner.

Quite often, the teachers will have to deal with cases of discrimination or racist attacks in the school environment. The teachers should be ready to deal with such situations but the inclusion policy also ensures that the teachers are acting in such a manner so as to prevent the occurrence of such episodes.

The schools are provided with material which can be used during teaching so as to indicate to the students the negative effects or racism and discrimination and teach them how to accept and live in harmony with one another.

The students acquire a lot of knowledge in school but perhaps one of the primary things they need to learn is how to get along with other people no matter how different they are from them Hurst, The national agenda and the reasons behind the changes of the inclusion policy One of the main reasons directing changes for the inclusion policy was the social changes that the U.

The rise of the immigration flow has changed the British society and culture and the schools should be ready to face this change.

Race Relation Amendment Act in sets guidelines for every school so as to have a policy which values diversity and challenges racism. What is more, the national curriculum regarding the taught information given to students needed to be changed in order to promote inclusion.

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Another factor which brought changes to the agenda regarding inclusive learning was the demand for lifelong learning Shapiro and Rich, When the Green Paper was composed in by David Blunkett it put emphasis on lifelong learning and it had requested from the educational system to broaden the learning age.

The policy of inclusion had to be changed once again so that for the educational system to consider adults as people who were willing to learn and as people who were actually in need of further education.


The fact that adults were broadly entering the educational system has also brought changes to the national agenda and to the national curriculum. Because of increasing social competitiveness and subsequently the need for employment the inclusion policy and the national curriculum were changed so as to provide to adult learners, job related learning opportunities.

Finally, it should be noted that the national agenda cannot remain static Halliday, Changes need to be made so as to address the needs of different students in a better manner. School curricula need to be responsive to social changes and should be ready to adapt to the differences which the several groups of students bring into the school environment Halliday, The report sets out a radical vision to draw back into learning adults who have little educational qualifications or even none at all.

The Kennedy report, along with the Fryer report, opened the path for adult education and established further education in colleges. The report stated that colleges needed to be seeking for groups with low participation in education and people who have not achieved their full potential as of yet.

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In particular, it encourages colleges to embrace adults in their educational system and urges the government to spend more funds for adult education. As the study states, further education is necessary for certain adult groups because unless these groups are sufficiently educated, their financial and social status will be deteriorating continuously.

Inclusive adult learning environments essay

According to the report, 62 percent of the adult British population did not have a level 3 education at the period of the study although Baroness Kennedy states that level 3 should be considered as the minimum educational level for every British citizen.

An even more tragic figure is the fact that 40 percent of the adult population of working age do not even have a level 2 education. Finally, the report demanded from the government to accredit citizens with academic qualifications by recognising their life experiences and work knowledge as educational benefits.

The report was completed in November of and it raised matters similar to those raised by the Kennedy report. As he stated, the UK could not be considered as a learning society at the time and it has neither lifelong learning nor training culture Halliday, As Halliday mentions, Fryer brought up several issues which needed to be taken seriously into consideration by the government and throughout the years the matters he had brought up were addressed through the national agenda.

Fryer emphasised the need for a more highly educated and skilled workforce.In fact, teachers in general education classrooms, even those viewed as "the cream," make minimal accommodations for students with learning disabilities and tend to sustain only those they feel benefit their entire class (e.g., graphic organizers make a topic clearer for all, extra practice helps everyone).

Faculty can play an important role as change agents in creating supportive learning environments for adult learners both by incorporating theory and research on adult learners into their own classrooms and by advocating for adult-oriented programs and services on their campuses (Blair ).

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Learning Environments A ‘University’ Model for High School In small-town Wisconsin, four schools cluster on one campus, fostering a culture of experimentation and self-directed learning . Essay on Inclusive Adult Learning Environments - Inclusive Adult Learning Environments I've just changed completely from when I first (entered school).

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